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The Global Toys Market Is Upside Down

The Global Toys Market Is Upside Down

Years ago, it all started with the factory. The toy factory based in China stayed away from exporting directly, because the factory did not have a good English speaking sales force, and the factories also did not have the export license which was hard to get in China back in the day.

The toy factories were selling exclusively to toy exporters and trading companies. These companies were selling to sourcing agents and importers from other countries, who were than distributing the toys in their respective countries, selling to toy wholesalers as well as toy retail shops.

These days, every company in China has English speaking sales staff, Internet skills, and export capabilities, and the entire toys wholesale bushiness in China and Globally are upside-down!

Chinese toy factories are masquerading like “shops” on Aliexpress, while “shops” pretend to be….toy factories. The exporters and trading companies pretend to be everything; factories, supplies, wholesalers and exporters, and many of these trading companies even have their own toy shops online, acting in fact as toy retailers, not to mention that almost every respectful toys factory and wholesaler also sells their toys on Ebay and Amazon.

If you are confused, well, everyone is. There is no “order” anymore in the global trade of toys. Every player tries to be everything, and make money any way they can.

If you are a global toys buyer not based in China, you need to find one excellent toys supplier that will service your needs by advising you and updating you on all the new hot toys coming out. This supplier can be a factory or trading company, the key point is that the supplier needs to be on the ball; know about every new toy coming out, who produces it, what is the cost, and the supplier should have a good relationship with the factory, so that on top of advising you about the new toy, they also have the ability to actually get toys from the factory, as the demand for new hot best selling toys is always high.

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