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KN95 Face Masks

Buy KN95 Face Masks China Direct @ Low Wholesale Prices

$1.55 (Fixed)

  • Buy KN95 Face Masks China Direct @ Low Wholesale Prices
Price : $1.55 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : July 12, 2020
Location :Chenghai Guangdong China

KN95 Face masks save lives!

They protect other people, and they protect you too. Always wear a face mask in public. The China made KN95 face masks are made of 5 plies, they filter up to 95%, and they offer a tight snag fit on the face.

Hong Kong and New York City both have a population of about 8 million people.

During the period Jan-April 2020, Hong Kong had 4 deaths due to Covid-19.

During the same period, New York City had 20,000 deaths due to the Corona virus.

Does this tell you anything…?

In Hong Kong every single person wears a mask, In NYC most people did not wear face masks.

Lets take a look at another fact.

China has over one billion people, about 4 times the population of the USA.

As of today, July 12, 2020, China has almost NO daily new cases, but in the USA there are 66,000 new cases today!

Is this because the Corona virus “likes” English speaking people more…?

I don’t think so. In China, every single person wears a mask. There can be no doubt that KN95 face masks save lives, and prevent the Covid-19 virus from spreading.

How to order KN95 face masks:

  • Minimum order qty is one inner box with 80 masks. Let us know how many inner boxes you want.
  • The export carton has 960 masks. Let us know how many export cartons you want.
  • Send us an email to and let us know how many masks exactly you want, (how many inner boxes or export cartons), and offer your full exact address including zip code or postal code, city, state or province, and country.
  • We will then get back to you with the cost of the masks, as well as the cost of express shipping.
  • Most orders will be shipped within 1-3 days. We usually ship via EMS, which is the China Post Express service, and the time in transit will usually be 7-15 days.

Notice: We are shipping the KN95 face masks directly from the factory in Foshan China. This will be a long Int’l flight in most cases. Expect the cost of express delivery to be much higher than local shipments in your country. In addition, even though the masks are very light weight, they have a volume weight, so the cost of shipping will be calculated by the dimensional weight of the package.

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