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How To Buy Toys In China & Make Money

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  • How To Buy Toys In China & Make Money
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Date : July 12, 2020
Location :Yiwu Toys Market, Chenghai RC Toys Factory Area

86.Toys listings of professional China toys supplier, exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler from Chenghai – toys city in China. Our toy wholesalers supply quality baby toys, dolls & set, educational toys, kids toys & games, outdoor play toys, pretend to play toys, promotional gifts, RC toys & sport toys made in China.

86.Toys has emerged as a reliable toy sourcing platform that gives you access to thousands of wholesale toys suppliers in China.

Browse our database of toy factories from China, located in Chenghai, Shantou & Yiwu. Toy wholesalers listed here specialize in plastic toys, action figures, infant toys, baby toys, battery operated toys, boys toys, STEM/STEAM toys & educational toys.

Looking for a good China toys sourcing agent?

86.Toys offers sourcing services for premium quality toys , we help you import from China with best price manufacturers.

86.Toys is the best website for toys sourcing in China. Discover Toys Suppliers, Toys Manufacturer, Toys Wholesaler In Shenzhen, Yiwu, Chenghai and Shantou manufacturing hubs.

If you are looking to source toys from China, it means you are looking for a company that can offer you the toys you want, at competitive prices from reliable factories, where you can expect a good quality toy. Well, this is called a trading company. A toys factory will offer you its products only, but a good trading company, or agent, can offer excellent sourcing services. Focus on finding the supplier that is right for you.

Price is important. You want to pay as low as possible. But at the same time, quality is just as important, if your toys won’t work well, you have nothing. Then you need to get your toys on a certain date, if you get them after Xmas, they have no value. You need the testing labs reports and certificates. So just buying a simple toy in a seemingly quick and easy going transaction, is actually a complex transaction with many moving parts. The first thing you need to do, is make sure your toys supplier is experienced, sharp and competent.

Want to Get the Best Price Toy Manufacturer in China? Browse our list of qualified certified toys suppliers. Our toy exporters advertising here on 86.Toys will offer you the newest and best toys, including remote control toys that are hot selling and popular. You will receive samples, detailed descriptions, images, videos and clear quotations. Once you place an order, your supply will follow up and update you about production schedule, quality control inspections, ongoing progress with final inspection results and shipping arrangement, confirming when the goods have been shipped with images showing your export cartons being loaded and stuffed into your container.

Finding and contacting a reliable certified and professional toys supplier from China has never been easier or faster. But please do your homework, make sure you find the right supplier for you, and the one that is most qualified, looking at the experience, knowledge and location of the supplier. And location is terribly important; if you want to buy toys from Yiwu toys market, don’t place the order with a trading company in Shantou! In order for your supplier to properly monitor the factory production, run spot quality control checks and supervise the container loading, you need to hire a local agent that is geographically close to the factory location.

Many global toy buyers wonder: what kind of toys should I buy in China? The simple answer is you should buy toys that will make you money. Buy low and sell high. Make profits. But of course, it is not that easy. A toy that represents a business opportunity to the bulk buyer, is a toy that looks good and works well, high quality, has a low cost, and is not too heavy, as the cost of shipping toys from China to you, and then to the customer, can take away all the potential profits.

A lot depends on your comfort level of risk, as well as your distribution channels. There is a lot to be said for buying and selling classic toys, as the sales are steady, with no big surprises, but at the same time you will not see sharp spikes in sales. Many bulk buyers are always looking for the best, newest, in high demand toys, as if they can order the toys and get them into the supply chain fast enough, they can make significant profits.

How to source toys in China?

Most of China toy factories and drone factories are based in Shenzhen, Chenghai, Shantou & Yiwu. But that is actually all irrelevant; all you need to do to successfully source toys from China is find a good website, like 86.Toys, where you will find a comprehensive database of toy wholesalers and suppliers without getting up from your chair! That’s right, sourcing toys from China is a s easy fast as browsing the internet, there is no need to go anywhere these days!

You should be aware that Yiwu factories are better at producing low cost plastic toys. Like pretend to play toys, building blocks, summer toys and novelty toys. Chenghai toy factories (Based in Shantou area), are much better for remote control toys like rc boats, rc helicopters, rc trucks, rc cars and assorted rc stunt toys, as well as toy drones and toy quadcopters. For more sophisticated and more advanced technology like the super advanced camera drones and quadcopters, you will be better off focusing your sourcing efforts on the Shenzhen manufacturing area.

Why is 86.Toys the best marketplace for sourcing toys from China?

We are a B2B online toys marketplace where you can find quality Chinese assorted Wholesale Toys at crazy low prices with factory direct shipments.

Are you looking for Reliable Toys from Verified Chinese Suppliers? Find leading Toys Wholesalers offering completely safe, fun toys. Discover a huge list of professional, established, trust-worthy factories and wholesalers selling STEM/STEAM toys, Educational Toys, Car Toys, Promotional Toys, Musical Toys, Electronic Toys and RC toys.

If you are buying container loads of toys, then it is OK to buy a container in Yiwu, another in Chenghai and maybe another one in Shenzhen. But if you are buying smaller quantities of toys, you absolutely must focus on one specific area, where all your orders can be combined and stuffed into one container. Logistically, buying small qty of toys in different areas is not practical; it will make it really hard for you to inspect the production and make the shipping arrangements at a reasonable price.

Conclusion: Sourcing toys from China and buying toys in bulk is easy!

First step is to find a good supplier. Do not focus on the geographical area, and do not focus on the toy. Good toys come and go. Focus on a good toy supplier that will help you and lead you towards buying the newest, best high quality toys that are in high demand, the kind of toys that will help you make money!

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