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阿里巴巴一样!全球B2B玩具批发! 100%免费!

A new way to sell China consumer electronics, drones and toys in bulk.


86 Toys不收取会员费、佣⾦等在内的任何费⽤。 在 86 Toys, 您可以不限次数地在任意分类⾥发布玩具⼴告。 您可以星标您的⼴告 — 星标⼴告将出现在主页 “Featured Ads” 内。 您还可以置顶您的⼴告 — 置顶⼴告将出现在该分类和主页 “Latest Listings” 顶端。 所有买家都将通过您所填写的个⼈联系⽅式 (邮箱或电话号码) 直接联系您。 86 Toys 不参与其中的任何买卖⽅询盘。 我们只负责提供平台,并通过SEO (搜索引擎优化) 让⾕歌搜到您的玩具。 如果您是玩具⼚家、经销商或出口公司,就赶快点击右上⾓发布⼴告吧!

Free means free. Nothing to pay. No fee .No commission

You can post as many ads as you want. In as many categories as you want.

You can make your ads “featured”, so they will appear in the featured ads slider at the top.

You can bump your ad to the very top above all other ads anytime with one simple click.

It is all free.

If you put your Tel no. in the ad, you can receive Tel calls directly.

All inquiries will go to your email address directly and immediately.

We are not involved in any way in any transaction.

All we do is give you a nice website to post your ads, and we will arrange for Google to find your ad and send you traffic.

So, if you are a toy supplier, factory, exporter or wholesaler, go ahead and post a free ad!

Are You A Chinese Toy Supplier? Looking For Inquiries? Want To Sell Toys Wholesale?

Post A Free Ad And Reach Global Toy Buyers!

How It Works

Posting a FREE ad on our site is fast and easy. You will reach global toy buyers.

It only takes a few SECONDS to register. After you register, you need to wait for an email with a confirmation link. Check your email.

The ad posting process is fast and easy.

Toy wholesale buyers worldwide will send you inquiries. Inquires will come straight to the email address you provided when you registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. 100% free. Jack Ma said "The only thing better than chocolate chocolate". Well, here you have it. Free ad posting. Here is your chance to advertise and sell best selling toys at low wholesale prices. You will receive inquires from global importers and toy wholesale buyers, at no cost to you.
    All the inquires you receive will appear in your dashboard. In addition, each inquiry will be sent directly to the email address you provided when you registered your account. You may also receive tel calls directly to your mobile phone provided in the ad. is not involved in any way in any communication or transaction. We are just an advertising platform.
    Tags are really important for SEO. When your ad is published, our server will automatically create one page for each tag, and the title of that page will be the Tag title. Each Tag page will become an independent page on the internet, and will compete with other pages. So if you have good relevant tags, you are really helping your ad rank and get traffic. 5-8 tags, with a comma after each tag. The tag should include the name of the toy. For example, if the toy is called "Toy X", the 8 tags can be: toy x wholesale, toy x suppliers, toy x china direct, toy x factory, toy x on sale, toy x for sale, toy x reviews, toy x videos.
    Once your ad is published, it become an independent page on the internet, competing for traffic and ranking with all other pages. If you want your ad to be successful and generate good inquires, the first step is to have Google list your ad in the search results when people are searching for "your kind of toy" at wholesale price. So here is the secret to success: Make your ad unique and original. How to do that? Create a unique one of a kind toy description. First make sure the title contains the toy name and the toy basic description. Then, in a few sentences, from your OWN mind, from your OWN creativity, in your OWN words, explain to the toy buyers WHY this toy is so special: Example: "This new rc toy is a big hit. It has great new functions, (list the functions), it comes in very attractive colors, (List the colors), and it can do things that no other similar rc toy can do, like (list here). As a toy buyer in bulk, you are always looking for good money making toys, that are cheap to ship, easy to sell and offer quick profits. Well, this rc toy is hard to beat, and is already a best selling toy. " If you simply copy and paste your ad content from your site or from Alibaba, your ad will become a duplicate, and will be ignored by Google. Copy and paste your ad content as STEP 1 is OK, but then you must ADD some original one of kind content that you create by yourself, and put it on the TOP of the description field.
    First, our service is free. No need to pay RMB 50,000 per year. Second, when the visitor finds you on Alibaba, he also finds another 100 companies selling the exact same toys, at a lower price. Finally, posting an ad here is not instead of posting on Alibaba, it is in ADDITION to posting on Alibaba; if you post here, you will create one new and free opportunity to get good wholesale inquiries and sell your toys wholesale.

Notice: If you leave the site and do not post a FREE ad, you are LOSING an opportunity to find new buyers.